Are You In A Rut?

The majority of us have ruts because they help keep life from being demanding, uncertain, and/or downright scary.

What’s wrong with having the same routine every morning? If I didn’t get out of bed, brush my teeth, put on makeup, comb my hair, choose what I will wear, drive to the mall, have coffee “and” at Starbucks, I would still be home in my bathrobe, feeling and looking like a slug, instead of walking a mile each morning at the mall.

I love my particular rut. What’s yours?

This Too Will Pass

“This too will pass” was my mother’s pet saying whenever things weren’t going well for her. It seemed to help her get through many of the down times in her life.

A dear friend of mine compared her life to a teeter-totter. She said it didn’t matter which side of the teeter-totter she sat on, because if it went down, it would inevitably go up. And she also said that when she had tried to control it, that was when she learned that she didn’t have the power, so she accepted it as it was. A pretty good metaphor for life, I’d say.

But my grandmother’s words are still the ones that help keep me on track, “Pull up your socks and get on with it.”

To Be or Not To Be

Human nature is fascinating. We are such complex characters. We can sometimes be our own worst enemies; yet there are other times when we actually nurture the best in ourselves. But who among us can be consistent in this? Too often, we get discouraged and give up trying to find the balance we seek.

Perhaps the real balance is the ability to accept ourselves as we are. That sounds easy doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. Maybe we shouldn’t expect to be perfectly balanced. We are, after all, created the way we are.

Wise Old Carol