Carol Grier's first novelThe Secret in the Forest is Carol Grier’s first novel: When 15-year old Jimmy Tuttle, a spoiled, rebellious city kid, is forced to spend the summer of 1969 with his feisty, childless great-aunt Matilda and her posse of rough farm hands on a dusty Idaho ranch, Jimmy discovers much more than he bargained for.

Along with many life lessons, he learns the dark secret generations of his family members tried to deny: how a handsome stranger rode into their small town in 1929 and unexpectedly changed the family forever.

Meanwhile, Jimmy learns to stand tall in work boots and protect the family ranch and the characters he grows to admire, from a mysterious outbreak of brutal acts that threaten them all.

This is an uplifting story of love, family bonds and the tenderness that can grow amongst the least likely individuals, when thrown together during one hot, life-changing summer.

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How to frontcover_smallCarol Grier’s breakthrough book, How to Recognize a Good Man When You Meet Him will show you a simple, but powerful way to make your life joyful instead of miserable!

This insightful advice book is for women of all ages, whether you’re seeking your first long-lasting relationship, or you’ve been hurt by love before and don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to set up a “good man” seeking network of friends.
  • Where to find great men.
  • How to quickly recognize good husband material.
  • 20 traits good men share — and how to determine if they do.
  • How to recognize danger signs that your man isn’t who you think he is.
  • Relationship tips to keep a good man happy.
  • How to handle the pitfalls in any marriage.
  • How to maintain a healthy degree of power within a relationship.

How To Recognize a Good Man When You Meet Him can easily save you from making the biggest mistake in your life! Why spend years of heartache? Read Wise Old Carol’s book and find a man who will treasure you.

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Reviews for How To Recognize a Good Man When You Meet Him

“This book is wonderful. It is exactly what I would say — but without the four-letter words I would use!”   – Dianne Heath

“Your book is totally awesome! It has helped me tremendously to find out why I make the mistakes I made with men and how to go forward and make the right choices. It also helps me know that I’m only human. Thank you for sharing your life’s experiences with me.”  – L. L.

“I loved your book and read it cover to cover, in bed. I couldn’t put it down. I’m going to send it to a woman I know who has had bad luck with men, and I think this book will help.”  – Marlene Divina, restaurant owner

“You’d be well to recognize this lady (Wise Old Carol) is a force of nature… she’s lived more life than you and I put together.”  – Mikel Kelly, Beaverton Valley Times

Carol Grier's memoir bookChoices is the inspiring true story about Carol Grier’s life. It spans four generations of women in her family and the choices they made during a historic, more-than 100-year period. These choices, born out of loneliness, poverty, fear and family crisis, shape the lives of each generation to follow.

Beginning in 1879, when Carol’s great-grandfather was hung for stealing a horse, her great-grandmother was forced down a new life path. From then on, each generation of women end up on their own tumultuous ride — and the book covers it all: from the late 1800’s, the Great Depression, World War II, the rebellious 60’s, the indulgent ’80’s, and into the new millennium.

Choices is not only a chronological story, its also an introspective history, chronicling Carol Grier’s personal development into a strong willed, self-realized woman of the 21st century. Her indomitable spirit carries her through numerous setbacks, including traumatic relocations, parental abandonment, a cheating and emotionally abusive husband, and the tragic death of her only child from AIDS.

Through her own increasingly mindful decisions, Carol ultimately finds happiness. She meets and remarries a loving and supportive husband; she returns to school as a middle-age student and earns a Master’s in Theater Arts; and she becomes a published author, with the goal of inspiring women of all ages to carefully consider the choices they make in their own lives.

Carol’s fierce determination, inward truth-seeking and gentle humor remind us to “pull our socks up,” discover our spines and get on with living a good life.

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Reviews for Choices

“A short note of thanks for this wonderful book filled with hope and inspiration. I share many of your experiences. It’s been my custom to read at bedtime. For several nights “Choices” ushered me into peaceful sleep from which I awoke feeling younger, stronger and delighted to be alive. Please write more of your magic” – E.W. in Belgium

“Carol is now one of my favorite people in the world. She’s strong, fierce and fun, and after reading this book, you will feel that way too.” Author, Readaholic Blog

“Very inspiring. She did a beautiful job of bringing life to her experiences.” – Senior Magazine

“Reality TV pales alongside the well-penned experiences of those with whom we share this journey. Turn off your television and read the real thing.” – Jean Sheldon, Author of The Woman in the Wing

“Grit, determination, pain and joy are all part of the puzzle that has framed her life. Carol Grier is a remarkable woman who has emerged victorious from many defeats. I congratulate her on this book and recommend it for its light touch on heavy subjects. We can all relate. We can all find strength in Carol Grier’s choices. This book is an important contribution to the literature of self actualization. In my language, it’s a five-star production.” – Sharon Streeter