Author Carol GrierAuthor Carol Grier has spent over 90 years living her life to the fullest. She has experienced both sweetness and tragedy — the ultimate recipe for well-rounded wisdom.

Growing up during the Great Depression, she moved from a small-town in Idaho to the grander of Yosemite National Park, where her step-father found a job working for the park service.

As a young woman, she threw herself into the chaos of New York City to marry her dashing fiancé, but discovered he was not the man she thought he was. Sadly, she spent most of her time alone, living in poverty. After the couple retuned to the west and she endured many more years of heartbreak, emotional abuse and disloyalty, she divorced and started life anew.

The lessons she learned in that relationship helped her “wise up” and recognize the attributes of both good and bad mates, and how to quickly recognize them, before getting involved again. Eventually she did find a wonderful man, remarried, and they spent many happy years together… discovering the secrets to keeping deep love alive.

Carol has been a writer, actress, stage director, theatrical wardrobe specialist, educator and speaker. She’s also been a parent, step-mother and full-time caregiver.

Through her experience dealing with a cheating husband, depression of family members, raising and loving a gay son, embracing a step-family and supporting her second husband through major illness, she has been deeply battle tested — and worthy of the name, “Wise Old Carol.”

Her courage, resiliency, fierce determination and humor has enabled her to provide advice and emotional support that women of all ages often desperately need.