Fearing Old Age


Many people fear old age. They think of it as lonely, painful, and as the last empty step just before death. It can be all of those things, but there actually is a freedom in aloneness. You can do whatever you wish, whenever you wish, simply because you are alone. As to the pain? Yes, you can let it get you down, therefore ruining what life you still have, or you can learn to live with it.

Of course it’s a challenge, but I’ve found that walking a mile each morning keeps my arthritic joints from freezing in painful positions. A good physical therapist can show you exercises that will keep you moving, and with less pain. And that’s the key . . . keep moving.

As to the “awful last step before death” . . . take time to find all of the humor you can. Look for laughter, and find ways to give laughter to others. And, by all means, be able to laugh at yourself.

This advice has come to you from  Wise Old Carol. a ninety-one year old woman.