I’m Carol Grier, otherwise known as Wise Old Carol. I’m a novelist and I write non-fiction books that are all ultimately about how to make wise decisions in your life.

It’s absolutely true: The choices you make today will affect your entire life, and the lives of your children… and their children. If you choose a mate who is genuinely a good person, for example, your life is going to be much sweeter.

If you choose someone you’re attracted to, but hope you’ll be able to change him (or her) in someway, to make that person “better” — you’re in for a lot of pain, disappointment and sorrow. It will only get worse!

Believe me, I know! My first husband was a bad choice, which set me on a course toward disaster. The second time around I learned, and I chose a great man. The difference was night and day. From that experience, and those of many other women I’ve interviewed, I discovered how to find a wonderful man and recognize his good qualities right away.

I’ve learned about many other life issues too, such as how to handle:

  • Interacting with stepchildren
  • Supporting a gay child
  • Infidelity within a marriage
  • Care-taking family members through serious illness
  • Working through grief

I gained all this knowledge through direct experience, as well as the collective insights of scores women over the decades… many are wise old owls like me. Together, I estimate this knowledge represents over 3,000 years of experience. No kidding! You can’t go wrong listening to that much hands-on expertise.

My mission is to share this hard-won wisdom with other women. We deserve the best because we’re strong, amazing creatures. So, I’m here as your friend to give you warm, level-headed dating, marriage and family advice. I do this by publishing books that arm you with compelling stories and inspiring information to make your life the best it can be.

If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, looking for your first long-lasting relationship, I can give you dating advice to keep you from making a terrible mistake that will put your life in a tail-spin for years.

If you’re over 40 and rebounding from a bad mistake, I’ll show you how to find a good man this time around. I can identify good husband material from 20 paces away!

You’ll find lots of great advice no matter where you are in your life inside my books. Take a look at my book page to find which one is right for you.

cover My latest book, The Secret In The Forest, is a novel with the underlying message, when it comes to romance — be careful what (and who) you overlook!

This story is about four generations of family members who’s lives were impacted by one “love” mistake, that remained a secret for decades… until one hot summer on an Idaho ranch when the truth pours out and healing begins for everybody.  Read more